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Again, lack of screen chemistry between the co-stars was probably the reason. The title song did make it into the hits of the year. The film follows a married suburban couple who for reasons unknown, are unable to conceive a child and soon endure endless red tape on a path of adopting a child.

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The film is the first directorial effort from Gene Kelly in which he did not also star. Isolde is a little uptight because of this lack of success, Augie a little uptight because that's his general nature. They aspire to the life of their best friends and next door neighbors, Alice and Dick Pepper Gig Young and Elizabeth Frazer , who have three children already with another on the way.

But the one thing Augie doesn't aspire to is Dick's womanizing ways, despite Dick telling Augie that playing the field may make him less uptight, which Dick sees as one of the reasons why the Poole's haven't yet conceived.

Tunnel Vision by Kevin Breathnach review – self-lacerating honesty and lies | Books | The Guardian

While the Pooles keep trying, they decide to apply to an adoption agency, Rock-a-bye, with the Peppers as their primary reference. When Estelle Novick Gia Scala , Rock-a-bye's case investigator, comes for her first visit, Augie and Dick, initially unaware of who she is, make a worse than bad impression Dick hits on her , and she turns down the Poole's application right then and there. Miss Novick does come back, deciding to give the Pooles a second chance. On Dick's advice, Augie decides to let loose with Miss Novick.

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The next afternoon, Augie awakens in a motel room unaware of what happened in the preceding 18 hours; he is under the impression that he and Miss Novick had a tryst. Three months later without having heard from Miss Novick or Rock-a-bye, Miss Novick does come by for her last visit as she is taking an extended leave from her job.

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Augie is under the impression that she is pregnant and is going away to have his baby, which she is going to give to the Pooles. Nine months after Augie and Miss Novick's supposed tryst during which time Augie has been more wound up than ever , Rock-a-bye calls the Pooles with news of a baby. Although Augie is nervous, he is also all consumed with the idea of adopting his biological child.

The baby does bear a striking resemblance to Augie, a fact not lost on Isolde, who ultimately confronts Augie with her suspicions. Only Miss Novick can truly explain the situation.

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Weeks afterward, as the physical similarity grows, Isolde becomes more suspicious. When Isolde has Augie's baby picture blown up and Alice mistakes it for the baby, Isolde furiously accuses Augie of infidelity and declares she is leaving him.

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  4. As Isolde is packing, Miss MacCracken returns to make an inspection of the couples' first month with the baby. Realizing that the couple is breaking up, she declares she must make a report to the agency, but Augie pleads for a week and Miss MacCracken agrees.

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    Desperate to stop Isolde from leaving, Augie then confesses the incident with Estelle. Just then, however, Estelle arrives to congratulate the Pooles and repay Augie the loan. She explains the money made it possible for her husband to continue his research in Australia while she had her baby girl. With her husband's success at publishing a book on his work, she and the baby will join him in Australia.

    'The Doctor's Daughter': Hilma Wolitzer's Novel After 12-Year Writer's Block

    After showing the Pooles a picture of her baby girl and admiring how well the agency did placing the Pooles with their baby, Estelle departs. Isolde apologizes to Augie for her suspicions, then admits to feeling unusual. The Pooles then realize that Isolde is pregnant and retire to the house to celebrate. Movie Quotes August 'Augie' Poole: [Isolde has confronted him on the mysterious imbalance of dollars in their bank account] "Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

    Isolde Poole: The cashier at the Westport Bank. Doctorow never claimed to be a journalist, exempting him from the standards attached to the craft. But far from apologizing for his inaccuracies, he defended them as being essential to his work. History is a battlefield. History is the present. But what most people think of as history is its end product, myth.

    So to be irreverent to myth, to play with it, let in some light and air, to try to combust it back into history, is to risk being seen as someone who distorts truth.

    I meant it when I said everything in Ragtime is true. It is as true as I could make it. I think my vision of J. Morgan, for instance, is more accurate to the soul of that man than his authorized biography Actually, if you want a confession, Morgan never existed. But rather than observe the old dictum that writers should write about what they know, Doctorow thrived by doing the opposite. We want to hear what you think about this article. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic.

    Tunnel of Love: A Novel Tunnel of Love: A Novel
    Tunnel of Love: A Novel Tunnel of Love: A Novel
    Tunnel of Love: A Novel Tunnel of Love: A Novel
    Tunnel of Love: A Novel Tunnel of Love: A Novel
    Tunnel of Love: A Novel Tunnel of Love: A Novel
    Tunnel of Love: A Novel Tunnel of Love: A Novel
    Tunnel of Love: A Novel Tunnel of Love: A Novel

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