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Book Format: Choose an option. Mark's rhythms are very deliberate, and here is where the art most shines.

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The hesitant pacing and robotic grammar give the sense of characters who must use the utmost brain power just to wash their hands. It also lends to the fairy-tale effect. Like Hansel and Gretel, there needs to be a pause before every decision, every utterance, as consequences vague and grave abound. Tsim Tsum will certainly appeal to those who enjoy whimsical story and non sequitor, and once there, Mark's crafting can begin to be appreciated.

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Tsim Tsum. It was strange to choose, but It seemed only right to first test an object, so they held the hat up first and waited for the printout. Beatrice listened.

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According to kabbalah, through the Line of the Kav, the Creator acts from His own level of complete perfection, unity, and limitlessness, in guiding everything that happens in the creation. The Line, however, remains clothed in the Residue, so the created beings only see the actions of the Residue — the actions of the Creator are concealed within it. The Residue itself includes all of creation, both the good and the bad. It is built on the laws of choice, reward, and punishment.

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However, the Residue is ruled by the Line which operates on the level of Unity and complete goodness. Because of this, the laws of reward and punishment continue only for a set time. So it is said that the Residue is like a wheel that turns through just so many degrees until it completes the entire cycle, as Ein Sof brings evil back to good through the revelation of His perfect unity.

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