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The Last Revival - David Wilkerson

I feel it really demonstrates our versatility as a group with our ability to play an eclectic genre of music. We didn't set out to write a specific style of music, we just let it happen.

Last Days Ficticious Revival

There's a bit of everything for everyone on here with a wide variety of emotions. We really hope our fans enjoy what we've put together for them. The band says that the journey to this album has been a very heartfelt and soulful experience for all of them - not just collectively but also individually. And they are ready to go straight to the top. While they are no strangers to the national scene - the band has traveled not only across Canada but also in the US - they've even played at the Grey Cup for three years, headlining in in B.

Locals have two chances to catch them in the next few weeks - and with their pounding drums, vibrant sax, guitars played with the love of music, and impeccable harmonies, ECLECTIC REVIVAL will have their fans tapping their toes, singing along, dancing in the isles - and screaming for more! They are a passionate group of friends who love to interact with their audience and bring their own style of music to the show.

No matter the setting, Eclectic Revival will make each and every show a high energy, entertaining, and comical experience.

The band has played at pubs, bars, theaters, Pirate Festivals, Renaissance Festivals, weddings, anniversaries, corporate and private functions. For the better part of the band's career they have played covers of their favourite artists and bands while working on writing their own songs and finding their own sound.

To date they have released one original and two cover albums, and with those have traveled across Canada and the US. They have played at the Grey Cup Celebrations for three years, headlining in B. Heal the sick, cast out devils, set people free, love the sinner Luke , Luke Signs, wonders and miracles were normal and frequent in the ministry of Jesus.

If we just read the Bible without experiencing it, it is nothing more than a history book.

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That is the problem with the majority of the church, they are just having history class every week. People I talk with outside of the church are looking for the Real Jesus — not the religious, historical Jesus.

Nature of business (SIC)

They are looking for the Jesus of love, forgiveness, with power to save, heal and deliver. This is the vision for the church that we should be attracted to. Vision brings unity. Doctrine and denominations alone will not bring unity. The word Revival means to revive or bring back to life something that was lost.

Revival, Vol. 8: Stay Just A Little Bit Longer

Everything that Jesus did was to express the heart and love of the Father. So, what has changed? What has been lost?

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God wants to revive us with the expressions of who He has always been. The majority of the church for the most part has placed its focus on the wrong thing, teaching. But teaching is not the only thing I desire.

The Last Revival Ministries

And that is the condition of most. Doctrine was never intended to cause unity. Vision is the only thing that has the power to bring unity. The original apostles did not agree or see eye to eye on doctrine, but they ministered in the power of the Spirit with signs, wonders and miracles.

This Last Revival This Last Revival
This Last Revival This Last Revival
This Last Revival This Last Revival
This Last Revival This Last Revival
This Last Revival This Last Revival
This Last Revival This Last Revival
This Last Revival This Last Revival
This Last Revival This Last Revival

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