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She always brings the characters from the previous books into it. They all blend together perfectly. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Pretense always gets in the way of good honest physical attraction.

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WB has attracted the help of the original father of vampires, Vlad, Count Dracula. Roxie was chosen to represent their team because, like Chase, she was unique. With a Native American shape-shifter chief for a mother and an immortal father, Roxie is an alpha female, wolf shape-shifter, with all the powers of an immortal at her command.

Even so, their team needs Chase and she is the only member with half a chance of convincing him to join the fight.

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Chase had turned their first attempt away without even listening and so the team was sending Roxie to make a second attempt. Her mission is to convince Chase that joining their fight is within his best interest, and to do that she would need to win his trust. Their hope was that the wolf in her would speak to the wolf in Chase and create an opening of familiarity and friendship which might win through the walls of his personal grief so that Roxie can plead their cause.

The explosion of attraction between them is fiercely intense, and before either can control themselves, Roxie is caught, unable to reveal the truth of her presence and purpose before becoming hopelessly entangled in his arms. Their union and subsequent imprinting gives him access to her thoughts and he rejects her for the lie he finds hidden there.

Marked by his wolf, claimed for all time, Roxie is left with a gaping hole in her soul as he walks out of her life. Never did she imagine that in meeting him she would come to feel such loss or that their loving would leave her haunted by a painful all consuming physical desire.

As a hybrid, Chase tells her that he can overcome the imprinting of their inner wolves, but can she? Five Stars, all the way! Jul 27, Judy rated it it was amazing. He is more than just human, he was born human, wolf and vampire. A hybrid. Never wanting to go through the agony his father was going through because of their loss. And he kept telling himself that as his wolf begged him to take Roxie MacBran as their own. Roxie MacBran, an American beauty, was on a mission…. She was part of a special community and they were in trouble. If only she can focus on doing what she needed to do and get out of there before her inner self connected too deeply with the handsome hybrid.

Together they must unite and destroy the vampires who are trying to take over the human race. And Chase has a personal vendetta with one vampire in particular, Count Vlad Dracula.

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Jan 11, April rated it really liked it Shelves: review-copy , reviewed , shifters , audiobook , paranormal , amazon-review-posted , blogged , romance , sexy-naughty-books , vampires. Wait, what do you mean it is over? I was totally into this world!!! I want more books!!! Trilogies are never enough for me, I want more!! This was a really well crafted series, it took time to fully develop the world, but one it was in place it flowed.

The mix of legends and new spins on them was intriguing. I am sad to see it all end. Can't we have a new big bad plot on the horizon? More lovely romances to develop? How about that fey stuff, I think it was still left hanging. Yeah, that's the tic Wait, what do you mean it is over?

Yeah, that's the ticket, let's follow that thread! I love Roxie and all her sass!

She is an awesome character, it is great to see a gal who will not be cowed. She has an independent streak as wide as the Grand Canyon. Love her boldness. Chase on the other hand, really ticked me off for most of the book.

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He knew she was hiding something and then gets all self righteous when he is told the whole truth. He acted like a jerk and I really wanted her to kick him in the junk. Thankfully, he is charming enough to be forgiven, with appropriate apologies. Yummy open door bedroom steam!! Oh yeah, it had a much smoother feel than the last book. It is more along the mainstream smexy, detailed but not as detailed as a full on erotic romance.

Things heat up quicker in this book than others in the series. Ya might need a cool drink and fan while reading! The whole big bad plot has a very nice resolution and a steady build. I love the side characters, especially Clara.

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Yeah she gets a little happy too! I have liked her almost from the first book and really wanted to see her find some sort of redemption. I wanted her to have her own book, but I will settle for this. The mixed narrative is my favorite style, giving the two leads POV really helps understand their motives. There are times when things get murky and unclear in the narrative. More omniscient kind of description, it was jarring. I do like hearing from other characters besides the leads, but it needs to be in clear sections not jumpy lines. I listened to the audiobook narrated by Valerie Gilbert, who has been with the whole series.

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Such a wealth of accents to keep up with, she really had her work cut out for her. The skill it takes to keep everything consistent and distinct, is really admirable. I love the smooth pace that flows with the story telling. She gives just enough energy to make the read sing. I love this combination of story and voice. The whole spin on Dracula was fascinating. I am not sure how I feel about that resolution. It wasn't awful, but it doesn't have atonement for past wrongs.

It is a difficult call, because you do get the feeling he isn't evil, just driven to things by anger. In the end he is given a measure of peace and so is the world. Disclosure — I received this audiobook in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts opinions and ratings are my own. I love reading and sharing my opinions with other readers. Thanks for taking the time to read my review!

You can see more audiobook reviews on my blog www. Oct 10, T. Payne rated it it was amazing. They are in need of Chase MacAdams special abilities as he is also a Hybrid. Roxie goes off to try to enlist the help of Chase but ends up falling for the big arrogant hybrid.

They are life mates which complicates things even more. As Chase no longer trusts Roxie as she lied to him about many things. But his pull to her is deeper than the mistrust.

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Oh and did I mention Chase is a hybrid oh yes he is human, Vamp and Wolf.. SEXY all wrapped into one package. Can they win the battle against WB and Dracula? There is a ton of Action , Love and Courage.. Feb 18, Dora-lee rated it it was amazing. What a Wonderful adventure this was for me , I did not realise that I had read the stories out of sequence but still was in awe of the story and will now RUSH to read the others.

What a dream come true Chase MacAdams turned out to be and add his old world Scottish and I was swooning in my chair.

Shadowlife-Hybrid (Shadow (vampire) series Book 3) Shadowlife-Hybrid (Shadow (vampire) series Book 3)
Shadowlife-Hybrid (Shadow (vampire) series Book 3) Shadowlife-Hybrid (Shadow (vampire) series Book 3)
Shadowlife-Hybrid (Shadow (vampire) series Book 3) Shadowlife-Hybrid (Shadow (vampire) series Book 3)
Shadowlife-Hybrid (Shadow (vampire) series Book 3) Shadowlife-Hybrid (Shadow (vampire) series Book 3)
Shadowlife-Hybrid (Shadow (vampire) series Book 3) Shadowlife-Hybrid (Shadow (vampire) series Book 3)
Shadowlife-Hybrid (Shadow (vampire) series Book 3) Shadowlife-Hybrid (Shadow (vampire) series Book 3)

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