One Girl School Loses the Plot

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The Haunted School

Vada regularly cares for her grandmother, 'Gramoo', who has Alzheimer's disease and whose wandering mind likewise affects Vada. Her Uncle Phil lives nearby and frequently stops by to help the family.

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Vada is a hypochondriac and spends time with her best friend, Thomas J. Sennett, an unpopular boy her age who suffers from various allergies.

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However, other girls tease the two about being more than just friends. Thomas J.

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Vada's summer begins well. She befriends Shelly DeVoto, the new makeup artist at her father's funeral parlor, who provides her with guidance.

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She also develops a crush on her fifth-grade school teacher, Mr. Bixler, and hears about an adult poetry writing class that he is teaching. Vada steals some money from the cookie jar in Shelly's trailer to cover the cost of the class. When advised to write about what is in her soul, it emerges that Vada fears that she killed her mother, who died two days after giving birth to her. When Harry and Shelly start dating, this affects Vada's attitude towards Shelly.

One night, Vada follows the pair to a bingo game and brings Thomas J. On the Fourth of July, when Shelly's ex-husband Danny arrives, Vada hopes that he is there to take Shelly back and becomes even more distressed when Harry and Shelly announce their engagement at a carnival, leading her to contemplate running away with Thomas J.

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Vada is starting to see changes within herself. She runs around screaming that she is hemorrhaging until Shelly explains to her that her first period is a completely natural process. As Vada realizes this only occurs with girls, she doesn't want to see Thomas J. A couple of days later though, Vada and Thomas J. Vada and Thomas J. Vada loses her mood ring in the process, so they start looking for it, but the search is cut short as the bees start swarming, making them run away.

Harry is left to deliver the news to Vada, which upsets her so much that she will not even leave her bedroom. When she does attend Thomas J. Bixler's house she discovers that he is about to get married. She then runs to her and Thomas J.

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When Vada returns home, everyone is relieved, including Shelly, whom Vada begins to accept as her future stepmother. Her grief also manages to mend the rift between her and her father. Edit page. Share this page:. Mystery, Thriller and Crime Movies. Morgan Freeman Top 20 Films. Cop Films Seen.

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One Girl School

However, Woody decides it is "so gay" and leaves Nicky just as he is removing his clothing. The following day, rumors are being spread around school by Nicky about his night with Nell. When Nell in Woody's body finds out, she gets very upset. When Woody in Nell's body finds Nell in Woody's body , he admits that he didn't actually lose Nell's virginity and that everyone was simply spreading Nicky's lies. However, Nell is still let down and so Woody in Nell's body decides to confront Nicky.

It turns out that Woody in Nell's body can't fight him, and Nell in Woody's body runs up and punches him in the face. After this, Nell and Woody reach a truce and realize the statue of Tezcatlipoca at the museum had something to do with their body swap. They head down to the museum and even after confronting the statue, they fail to return to their original bodies.

They realize they are going to have to help each other in two important upcoming events. Nell must learn how to play football for Woody's Homecoming game and Woody must learn about poetry and literature for Nell's Yale interview. Later that night Nell in Woody's body is getting drunk at a party while Woody in Nell's body is stuck at a slumber party listening to all the gossip about Woody, and surrounded by nailpolish, pajamas and slippers and gets a bikini wax.

After spending so much time together, Nell and Woody become very fond of each other and start to understand each other better. The night before the interview and the game, they agree to go to the Homecoming Dance together, as "not a date. After that, he goes to the football game and watches Nell run in the winning touchdown in the closing seconds. A college recruiter witnesses his good performance and wants to talk to him later.

After the game, they congratulate each other for their successes.

One Girl School Loses the Plot One Girl School Loses the Plot
One Girl School Loses the Plot One Girl School Loses the Plot
One Girl School Loses the Plot One Girl School Loses the Plot
One Girl School Loses the Plot One Girl School Loses the Plot
One Girl School Loses the Plot One Girl School Loses the Plot
One Girl School Loses the Plot One Girl School Loses the Plot
One Girl School Loses the Plot One Girl School Loses the Plot

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