Oh Grana! (Family Love Series Book 1)

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My second set of grandchildren also call me Granny, or Granny Ali which suits me fine,. So excited to learn my oldest is expecting Jan. The conversation immediately came up about names. My mom is Nana to my girls. So I did not want the same. As well as the Nana is what his mother wants. First of all, the kids come up with the names. I have a nephew in his forties who still calls me RaRa. My niece, too. So, we started with Grammy. Her other grandmother is Ama. Footnote: my sister was the first grandchild.

Just found out that we are going to be first time grandparents. My mother in law was always Grandma to my kids and my mother was and still is Grammy and my father was Grandpa.

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We lived in Central America where we did mission work for 13 years. I am not sure, though. I wanted to be called Mia by my grandson. We love it! Yesterday I also became a first time grandmother. My son asked what I want to be called. Here, most grandmothers are called Savta which my kids called my mother. My daughter in laws mother will most likely be called Savta also.

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Since my name is Ellen I came up with Savtelle. What do you guys think? And with that being said.

All 4 daughters call my mom something different. My oldest says Nanee.

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Then she started her next 2 younger sisters to saying Nanoo. Which one of them changed it to NooNoo and since it is an 8 and a 10 year age gap from my youngest daughter, she calls my mom, Grandma. My first and only grandchild Granddaughter chose GinGin. When she was born…I thought Nonna. Then changed it to GramGram when she began to talk. She said GramGram a few times but then started calling me GinGin of her own choosing. That makes it special. I love that. What do you think of Muzz?

A few years ago I started a rock band. But my daughter nixed it—can she do that? I became a grandmother at the age of I am now 51 and have 13 grandchildren. While all the other in-law grandparents did not like the idea of being called grandma and or grandpa at such a young age.

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However I wear that name with pride I love the fact that I am a grandmother I have beautiful grandchildren and I believed I earned the right to be called grandma. However my 13th grandchild has many grandparents and I am being asked to find an alternative name to Grandma. I would love any suggestions that anyone may have thank you. We are new grandparents. Unfortunately every name in the book is being used in the family or are used in the past.

Not reusing due to confusion and memories. So help!!

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Mueller so they would call me Miss M or M. Thinking of M or Emmy. I just became a first time Grandmother and my son is asking what I want her to call me. They are both deceased and it would make me sad to be called their names. Any suggestions? My son suggested Gram Gram and I kinda like Nana.

But, looking at options. You never know……she may decide on something different once she starts talking!

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I was fine with being called Grandma. Then my granddaughter started calling me Grandma Goo at age 2. Her parents would laugh every time she said it, so the name stuck. Now I wear the name proudly because she gave it to me! Leave this field empty. My grandbabies call me Lina! Or Mimi? Keep Mima for you! Have the other gma babe called Mima too or Mima whatever her name is. Fun to read. My grandmother name is Wangy!

Love my life. My granddaughter started calling me DaDa so now her sister calls me that too.

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Im Baba my granddaughter has called me that since she could speak. My mother is mama. I also kind of like Lolly and Pop but not sure how well that will go over. Nicknames For.

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Type of Nickname. Average Build. Swedish is consistently named the Seattle areas best hospital, with the best doctors, nurses and overall care in a variety of specialty areas. Woo is the the craziest movie. Woo Heath Hop. Redemann, K. Finding Tims pseudo-cool act totally transparent, she humiliates and teases him. Con Air - Riesgo en el aire. Jada Pinkett Smith, Woo. Darrel Heath has no upcoming events. When a psychic tells her shes about to meet her match, she takes a chance on a blind date with Tim, a mild mannered law student who is a lot more like Clark Kent than Superfly.

Oh Grana! (Family Love Series Book 1)
Oh Grana! (Family Love Series Book 1)
Oh Grana! (Family Love Series Book 1)
Oh Grana! (Family Love Series Book 1)
Oh Grana! (Family Love Series Book 1)

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