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ISBN 13: 9781480010420

Sayet: Jean-Jacques Rousseau — in many ways the Godfather of Modern Liberalism — argues in essence that the human being is born morally perfect and is only then corrupted by evil forces within society seeking to use him to advance their own self-serving agendas.

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That mechanism is to declare thinking to be a hate crime. There is a certain demonization of hard work in his lyrics and you find this very indicative and meaningful.

ISBN 13: 9781480010420

Tell us how and why. Sayet: Again, a lot to cover in a short interview. He can make a better world by producing things and doing it well. Share with our readers how you see this. In few other songs, and perhaps in no song that reached as wide an audience as that one, is the socialist vision so accurately and movingly conveyed.

The entirety of both their product and their effort is nothing other than words. The coin-of-the-realm to those in the Rhetoric Industries is to be clever ; there is simply no need for them to be right. The real policeman, on the other hand, might not be as clever as Springsteen but he has to be smarter. This allows those who have gone from the paradise of childhood directly into careers in the Rhetoric Industries to spend their entire lives not knowing anything more than the small child save for possessing a bigger vocabulary.

FP: You point to five basic reasons leftists always go to rationalize why someone would disagree with them. Sound impossible? Not one.


FP: It all therefore makes sense that the Left would really have their hate focused on America and Israel, right? Expand on this a bit for us. Similarly, if no culture, religion, form of governance or anything else is better than any other, how is the Modern Liberal to explain the history of the Jews?

How is he to explain that the Jews are the longest surviving culture in all of human history?

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That wherever they are — and, because of the Diaspora, they are all over the planet — so long as they are not being so horribly oppressed that there is simply no way for them to succeed, they tend to thrive? How is the Modern Liberal to explain that — just as God said, by the way — that any nation that treats its Jews well does well while those nations like those of the Islamic world, for example that treats its Jews badly will fare badly?

And, of course, how is the Modern Liberal to explain the nearly miraculous success of the Jewish people of Modern Israel with their tiny population but their incredible contributions to everything from the arts to medicines and technologies? Of course not. In fact, as with everything else the Modern Liberal believes or says he believes , literally nothing could be further from the truth.

This explains a lot of their policies, which have are consistently shown to be failures.


Though Sayet is a stand-up comedian, he is also a weighty conservative pundit as well. His detailed and informative talks are peppered with funny quips and one-liners, but which go to make his solid points all the more memorable. For your viewing pleasure:. Why was this? How could this be? This is what I needed to know, and it is what I began to study, contemplate, discuss, and debate for what has now been more than a decade.

If the current poll numbers are any indicatio n, it looks like people are beginning to clue in as to what Modern Liberalism is really about — and will be shaking things up Nov.

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Today, I want to feature his Facebook page: Evan Sayet. Comments RSS. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Comedian on Why Conservatives Are So Happy, Leftists So Miserable: Socialists Need Enemies

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Evan Sayet: Understanding How Modern Liberals partcenlingfilttur.ml4

Notify me of new posts via email. An amateur Egyptologist who sometimes writes about Egypt. Temple of Mut Shrine of Flaming Capitalism.

KinderGarden Of Eden KinderGarden Of Eden
KinderGarden Of Eden KinderGarden Of Eden
KinderGarden Of Eden KinderGarden Of Eden
KinderGarden Of Eden KinderGarden Of Eden
KinderGarden Of Eden KinderGarden Of Eden
KinderGarden Of Eden KinderGarden Of Eden

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