Judaism, Law & The Free Market: An Analysis

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One may be entitled to help, but not to a free ride. The first part of this ruling is found in many codes and commentators; it simply expresses the boundaries of the mitzvah of tzedakah —if the person is not poor, we do not intervene financially. The Talmud connects this insurance arrangement with regulations that a town can put in place. This implies that since the laws for a town and a voluntary association are largely the same, that it would be within the powers of a town as well to compel participation in insurance arrangements.

Ovadia Yosef, Yechaveh Daat ; R. Understanding the mandate as an entitlement leads naturally to the imposition of a tax, but the proponents of this view found it politically inexpedient to connect the insurance mandate with taxes, and so opted to understand the mandate to buy as valid under the Commerce Clause. Accordingly, noncompliance would be subject to a penalty for breaking the law.

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts ignored that framing of the issue, and chose to rule on the mandate and the charge for not following it as if it were a tax. Is this really about Torah or about Political world view as taught at Antioch College, probably the most liberal school in the country? Maybe not, Mr. Wiseman: Your comment has merit if one thinks of the new health care law in the strict context of "coveting". My issue with thinking along this line is that most government programs, essentially all government programs, are all variations of Ponzi schemes, predicated upon people coveting the line up; that is, you buy in at the bottom to keep going up, for the bigger payoff at the top.

This is the essential way that most programs work, including the stock market. I prefer to think of it as just another government tax, to be collected to essentially help the less fortunate to buy health insurance.

What Does the Torah Say About Obamacare?

I am a doctor, and do not like the Obamacare programs for practical reasons, but not because of ethical ones. Real life brings in all kinds of complications about which we must make moral decisions.

One small article can only cover so much, and that does not take away one whit of the need to cover the topics you have raised. An important practical alternative that was not extinguished by this law is that for faith-based health cost sharing. These groups Liberty Healthshare, for example do not pay for those things you have mentioned, and have an excellent record of servicing their members.

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A Jew may have difficulty though with the faith affirmations required by some, so look at them carefully and consult someone knowledgeable in halacha as needed. Wiseman's concerns are practical and real and it is good that he has raised them. Our article was meant not to be an incisive expose of the political sins of our leaders, but to open up a discussion of the issue of health care itself from a Torah perspective. We feel that is an important discussion to have as well. What about abortion, "sex change" operations and assisted suicide? What happens when the government obligates you to pool your money into an insurance fund that provide for abortion, sex change medication and procedures?

From personal experience all I can say is that since Obama care reared its ugly head we've had to change med insurance 4 times! John Wiseman, You could not have written a comment more accurate Sir. Thank you, Reply. Rabbi, your analysis is excellent except for some important beginning assumptions.

Your first mistake is that Obamacare is about providing affordable medical care for the citizenry of the United States. You bought into the lie hook, line, and sinker. The Obamacare Law is about a government gaining control of the citizenry, and redistributing wealth from private citizens to the centralized controlling authority. What does the Torah teach us sir about covetous behavior? This is plainly and simply, economics based upon coveting the wealth of our neighbors, and not one thing more. The whole thing was pitched upon the concept of class warfare, hate your brother, because he can afford a doctor, and you can not.

The proof of this of course is in the economic destruction wrought so far by this sink whole of a law. Your knowledge of the Torah is unimpeachable. Shmuel Klatzkin Your arguments are based on the Torah, however, if we as a nation were to follow the Torah, then our government here in the US would need to follow the controversial Shemetah. I wish this were so as government would then retire for a year, and not use any of our money. Also, when was the time a congressman did a wave offering? Again, I believe in following Torah as close as possible in our personal and family lives, yet, I don't see how this is even remotely possible with our present day government, which was primarily founded by Christian ideals.

Let us not forget that the newly formed government in the US also had just fought a war against unfair taxes, which after all is what Obama Care is really considered to be, a tax.

Is Capitalism a Threat to Democracy?

It is a tax and an unfair one as far as I can see as it doesn't tax everyone or even every state. Thank you Rabbi : Reply. What about a great read of our "preamble" or constitution for that matter. If we can buy and sell arms we ought to be able to care for the arms of the nation's people.

Maybe I should go figure. Dear Rabbi - On ObamaCare. Thank you for your excellent exegesis of the Torah on universal health care. I may be a Pollyanna, but I believe this is a concept that all people in the USA could get on board to support. However, before we consider your excellent arguments in favor of ObamaCare, many fiscal conservatives wished first take a long look at healthcare in the USA to find if their might be to mend a system that was fraught with ghastly fiscal waste so that the universal 'safety net' might be based on a responsible policy of getting the most 'bang for their buck'.

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I will continue by giving an example in the following post. One of the major problems I have with Obama Care is that it has set up a precedent where the Federal Government can force us to pay for something that we may not believe in. This amounts to slavery and sets up two classes of citizens. Those who have to pay, and those who don't. I don't see how this can ever be resolved? Are we going to have to make bricks for Pharaoh next? I believed in Obama care until i was injured and forced to work less hours!

Actually, i don't even make enough money to pay for Obama care since I've become permanently injured! Currently, I don't qualify for Obama care since my income is to low and now that i need it most! This means no therapy no medications making me sicker! My life is in Gods hands now!

I do trust in G-d with my life! Typical, skewing of the truth. Yes, we are supposed to help others, but does Obama Care really do that? No, as a matter of fact it seems to limit the health care that they might receive.

The Book of Job - Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz

Obama Care is not about helping the average man. It is about more Government control over our lives and growing the pharmaceutical industries pockets. The good Rabbi's here mean well and their remarks are well documented. I'm sure that they were well intended, however, they don't reflect what the reality of situation is. So we are required to first acknowledge G-d for he is the only one worthy of praise! When the question of trade and security get's involved we must continue affording the same benefits administered by government officials and maximize the full potential of G-d.

Our goal has been to speak about the substantive issues from an authentic Jewish perspective. There is absolutely nothing here that even pretends to be an analysis of the effectiveness of the actual legislation. That is something that deserves full investigation, reportage and debate. What we are seeking is what ought to be done, according to our own Torah. We believe very much that instead of making our loyalties to be first to party or political identity or ideology, it should be first to G-d and G-d's instructions.

That will inform us all, each of us being given by G-d a different sensibility and a different experience in life. The dedication to G-d is what makes the coherence of all possible, to actually be united, a one out of many, as in the motto on our coins. After scanning over this It is good to see that those who cannot afford healthcare are still taken care of. That is not what this law actually does. More people have lost their insurance than have gotten it, people with illnesses ARE being turned away, healthcare premiums are going up while covered treatments and medications are going down.

Are you aware that up to 78 percent of any losses the insurance companies suffer through this law are required to be paid by the tax payers, some hospitals are closing their doors, insurance premiums doubling and tripling and if you want to talk about the law of the land being the law you forget about the Constitution which limits government and DOES NOT give congress authority to force citizens into any commerce and so it is AGAINST the law.

Also it is causing employers to stop hiring, lay off employees and cut hours just an FYI. While Torah cherishes good intentions, good results are even more important. Centralized bureaucracies are notoriously inefficient. They squander the priceless resource of local intelligence.

The Relationship between Religion and Capitalism in Modern China

What about efficiency? It should also be added that generally socialized health insurance plans are wasteful as they encourage people to use services even for minor aches and pains and even just to talk to someone. The result is long waits and boards that decide who gets what.

Judaism, Law & The Free Market: An Analysis Judaism, Law & The Free Market: An Analysis
Judaism, Law & The Free Market: An Analysis Judaism, Law & The Free Market: An Analysis
Judaism, Law & The Free Market: An Analysis Judaism, Law & The Free Market: An Analysis
Judaism, Law & The Free Market: An Analysis Judaism, Law & The Free Market: An Analysis
Judaism, Law & The Free Market: An Analysis Judaism, Law & The Free Market: An Analysis

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