Jaces Adventure in the Forbidden Forest (Jaces Adventure Series Book 1)

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Maybe we should just consider this is the sign of the pregnant Christian Trinity for the author. We cannot teach new tricks to monkeys or dogs or horses. It is probably the same for authors and Christians. This volume is the ultimate volume of the series, the seventh day of this genesis, the day when the Creator can rest, and rest She will, and rest Harry Potter will too. Not rest in peace as announced a year or so ago. The final twist enables Harry Potter to survive. The book tells us the run and escape, flight and fight of these three teenagers, 17 years old but not 18, of age as wizards but not as human beings, at least in our muggle world, Harry, Ron and Hermione.

And they run, but Harry does not cut a very positive picture, neither do the other two, even if they are slightly better than he is. If there is a trap to fall in, if there is a mistake to make, you can be sure Harry Potter will make it, will fall in it, and he might be saved by Hermione or Ron, he might be prevented to fall by the same, but he will get trapped, he will fall and his friends along with him, and the escapes will be at times scaringly narrow and unpredictable, like that from the central wizard Bank.

And it will be hammered into our heads that Harry Potter is a mediocre wizard who follows his feelings, his inspiration instead of accumulating the knowledge he needs, instead of using his head to understand, what is going to happen. For pages the book is slow, does not lead anywhere, we are in the mist, in full darkness, and when it starts rolling we see a Harry Potter who does not fight and is little by little convinced by slow revelations that he has to deliver himself without fighting to Voldemort once he has destroyed all the Horcruxes because he is himself a horcrux.

He was bound to die because Voldemort can only be destroyed when all the horcruxes are destroyed, hence when Harry Potter and the snake are destroyed. They cannot survive together, they can only die together. It all turns around the Deathstick, the magic, super-magic wand Voldemort has stolen from Dumbledore. Yet it has to be so because Harry Potter defeated Draco Malfoy and captured his wand, hence the Deathstick at the same time and thus Voldemort cannot use it safely.

But the volume closes very well and the last pages are packed with emotion, feeling, passion. But she found an absolutely un-magical ending. Stephen King ends his Dark Tower seven volume series by bringing his Roland back to the very first page of the first volume. Her ending is a new start but with the next and new generation. When will it hatch?

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No one knows, probably not even Ms Rowling. But this question was finally answered in with a problem on time: 19 years after Hogwarts battle when Harry Potter was only 17 and in Harry Potter was I, so that makes him 36 years old but he seems to be willing to declare himself, to his own son as being I guess he has problems with his figures and numbers. The whole saga in these films.

A real treat. The second beautiful thing is that the same actors are used for the main children characters through the eight films, hence over the long period of time it took to produce them. We see the kids becoming teens and twinks under our own eyes and that is also realistically satisfying. They might have been slightly too old at the beginning but they are truly their age at the end, or at least quite close.

City of Glass (The Mortal Instruments) by Cassandra Clare : Book Review

Then the films being a lot more concentrated than the books, some elements come out a lot stronger, to a very critical point. They should be pathetic and appear cruelly sadistic and they only look clownish and farcical. The films also concentrate slightly too much on the fact that Harry Potter is a young teenager and then a young man who is attached to men of all sorts.

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The story as it is revealed in the end clearly identifies his fate to the decisions of a few men and to the fate of these few men. The only woman that has counted in his life was his own mother who saved him from annihilation with her own love and nothing else. Girls and women just have to look, watch, admire and applaud but they have no real role to play, or hardly some ancillary roles here and there, like cleaning the teacups.

The books were slightly less sexist and we could have expected the films to change that kind of bias. Harry Potter is entirely dependent on Dumbledore who never tells him the truth and that his fate has been decided by three men: Voldemort who wants to kill him to be the unique and sole master of the world, Dumbledore and Snape who want to bring Harry Potter to his resurrection in order for him to destroy Voldemort, because Harry Potter can only do that if Voldemort tries to kill him and succeeds, though he will only kill in Harry Potter the part of himself, Voldemort, he had invested in the kid when he tried to kill him the first time when a baby.

This Voldemort share in Harry Potter is represented by the scar on his forehead. Three more men are necessary for Harry Potter to survive through it all. These three more men save him in the nick of time three times. He is saved by Ron Weasley when he is trying to recuperate the sword of his school house in an ice-locked river. Then Hermione who is a mixed blood and will be divided between Ron and Harry all along, though she will marry Ron in the end.

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Both marriages produce children, with a third one in the back: the son of the Slitheryn opponent to Harry Potter who nearly ended up as a direct servant of Voldemort, and Harry produces a boy with a triple name, two given names and Potter, the two given names representing the main men who supported Harry in his adventures, Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape.

On the other hand there are many nasty men of course to balance the important good men, but there are a lot more nasty women that make the image of women in this film very negative. At the same time they can never be at the top and have the upper hand. No matter how nasty these women may be they can only be second fiddles and fiddlers to Voldemort of course, second fiddles and fiddlers he can play with and dispose of at absolutely any time.

These films make the ternary pattern even stronger than we could expect as if we were reliving the chase for the Holy Grail and its Christian Trinity. Such ternary patterns are numerous. Harry is the son of his father and his mother but he carries some part of Voldemort in him and hence has three parents. Harry Potter, as the third owner, destroys it. It will not have a fourth owner and Harry Potter has three reasons to do it: He cannot possess it and you possess a wand only if that wand chooses to be possessed by you because only someone who has killed the person he loves can possess this wand.

Dumbledore had killed his own sister? Harry Potter had not killed one single person he loved. The second reason is that this wand being destroyed is a promise of peace, thus the end of these adventures. The third reason is that Harry Potter refuses power and that is the decision of the author, Ms Rowling who has decided to bury Harry Potter in some kind of ossified and frozen ice conservatory out of which she will never take him. At least so she said at the time. A shameful decision for an author. What a shameful lie! The films are promising it but the book did not and the author is trying to entertain and distract herself in some social oriented novels and crime stories that are far from being in any way able to compete with the great masters of these genres.

The films are a great saga but it is to be regretted the saga has been stopped by its author who is trying to play writer in fields she does not really control.

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A last remark on Daniel Radcliffe. He is a great child-actor and we can see him growing but he is developed as a very stiff character, static in expression and action. That is a handicap in this profession. He could have learned how to be active and how to build a real rich and passionate character he would impersonate in its deepest feelings and emotions since he is far from being a child in the last films and his character is old enough not to be a child any more and become a passionate teenager or twink. Methinks he could have been directed better in the last three or four films.

It sure did not take her 19 years to play Phoenix regenerator.

See a Problem?

I will not follow that line with this new volume but it is constantly present, especially with the two boys Albus and Scorpius who are always running after a third one like Cedric twice and then Delphi both the predator and the prey of the two boys trying to deal with another triad, herself, her father Voldemort and his arch enemy Harry Potter and to move away from the ill-fated triad James Potter Sr.

It could only lead to a catastrophe since then Voldemort would be building a quartet with the three Potters. First of all it is a strange book indeed since it is a play and not a novel. So we get no descriptions, or hardly any since stage directions are not as good as prose.

It is essentially a dialogue between or among two characters or more, cut up in rather short scenes.

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In other words you, Harry Potter addicts, are going to be frustrated and maladjusted in this dry scenario. The second remark I will make is that what we read implies a tremendous level of special effects. That is easy in a film or TV series but on a stage…? Some of them are not very creative. The third element is that this play is un-understandable if you do not know the whole saga. First there are many allusions to event of the previous volumes, the old volumes, and you have an obligation to remember, a duty of memory.

You better know what she is speaking of and in some scenes, the very same way as in Back to the Future you may have two, or why not three though the author avoids that potential possibility, different identities and ages of the same characters. You better review and revise your summaries. The next remark has to do with some political science fiction resulting from travelling in time and changing history, the famous butterfly effect.

We are thus able to visit what the modern world would be if the dark forces were to win, if Voldemort were able to win, like Trump, le Pen or Brexit. If they do, the only solution is to push them around, filibuster them if we can and neutralize them if possible.

Jace's Adventure in the Forbidden Forest

What I do think was done well was that the author was able to warn readers about placing people too high on a pedestal. Sixteen-year-old Adam is stunned by the local chaos, but with the guidance of his police-captain mom and his neighbor—a retired government spy—Adam is determined to do whatever is necessary to survive and rebuild civilization. I had trouble making myself read it, because in parts, it droned on.

And on.

It was a pretty good set up for the storyline, when Adam realized that something was wrong besides the cell phones not working all of a sudden. It was almost written like he was a bystander in his own life, but then the author made it seem like he was responsible for bigger things all of a sudden.

But when she joins the elite Mind Corps Fellowship program as an observer monitoring the inner thoughts of an unsuspecting teenage boy, she finds herself falling for a troubled, possibly homicidal boy she has never met.

The Forbidden Forest! Minecraft Wizard High [S1: Ep.3 Minecraft Roleplay Adventure]

There was romance, crime, murder, peer pressure, and a thriller. I like the idea of a teen mind-reader. And Sadie was so quick to fall for the bad boy, which happens a lot in real life. Then she finds out he might have committed a crime and wonders if she should turn him in to the police.

And the twist is awesome! As always, the rules of entry are at the end of the post. Please note that all prizes must be picked up at a BCPL location within two months of notification or they will be returned to the stockpile for the next giveaway. Contest runs through the end of Tuesday, November 3rd. No entries will be accepted after midnight.

A million marching soldiers and a thousand barking dogs. This is no place to grow up. And then Anna meets the Swallow Man. He is a mystery, strange and tall, a skilled deceiver with more than a little magic up his sleeve.

Jaces Adventure in the Forbidden Forest (Jaces Adventure Series Book 1) Jaces Adventure in the Forbidden Forest (Jaces Adventure Series Book 1)
Jaces Adventure in the Forbidden Forest (Jaces Adventure Series Book 1) Jaces Adventure in the Forbidden Forest (Jaces Adventure Series Book 1)
Jaces Adventure in the Forbidden Forest (Jaces Adventure Series Book 1) Jaces Adventure in the Forbidden Forest (Jaces Adventure Series Book 1)
Jaces Adventure in the Forbidden Forest (Jaces Adventure Series Book 1) Jaces Adventure in the Forbidden Forest (Jaces Adventure Series Book 1)
Jaces Adventure in the Forbidden Forest (Jaces Adventure Series Book 1) Jaces Adventure in the Forbidden Forest (Jaces Adventure Series Book 1)
Jaces Adventure in the Forbidden Forest (Jaces Adventure Series Book 1) Jaces Adventure in the Forbidden Forest (Jaces Adventure Series Book 1)

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