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In MS, the memes caused an explosion that killed workers, and irradiated the site for years to come.

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Seeing this as proof of what he was saying, Ogg declared open war against the Meme Council when high Councilor Mr. Banos once again denied his request for reclamation. Ogg, while initially successful, was soon beaten back by the resistance, and found himself at the mercy of the Council. Exiled to the island of St.

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Helena, Ogg remained there until his death in MS. While Ogg is still seen as controversial figure, his goal of "Meme Purity" was eventually realized by the High Council shortly after the war. Sign In Don't have an account? They were following company policy, but because the owner of the bakery is some kind of guilt-ridden woke tapioca-head, he fired them anyway because this annoying professional woke person Lillian Green called him out on social media.

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The point I was trying to make in the post earlier this week about the CVS incident was about how social media escalates conflicts unnecessarily. My point was simply that there was a rush to judgment on social media without getting context or the other side — and it cost two employees their jobs. CVS said it fired its employees after its own investigation. I wonder if the investigation was just a formality, and those guys were doomed from the get-go.

The bakery has since hired a consulting firm as it struggles to regain control of the narrative.

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So what on earth is going on here? In short, a small network of agit-activists, diversity educators, and sycophantic progressive white allies are trampling over the lives of innocent individuals in pursuit of an equitable power redistribution with them at the top. Over the next three weeks or so, the story faded as the bakery posted images of their desserts, bumping their earlier statements out of sight and out of mind.

Denied at Eden: The Walk

Lisa opted to keep quiet. She told me she feared that speaking in her own defense would only be interpreted as another attack on racial equity.

Even today, she is afraid of being identified and only agreed to speak to me on condition of anonymity. As a newcomer to Portland, Lisa [one of the fired employees — RD] assumed that this incident was a freak occurrence. The bakery did not hire Cameron Whitten, a local black activist, as a consultant to help it dig itself out of this hole.

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That led Whitten to make a minute broadcast on Facebook to his followers. More Ngo:. I spoke with Rachel Kentner, who was keen to clarify that she was not speaking on behalf of the bakery or her brother. In following up my earlier CVS post, imagine how scary this is becoming if you are a guy like myself who is now midway through his teaching career or any career for that matter , has a family and is also the sole income earner for his household. On the other hand, If I were to be fired over some crazy SJW nonsense that went viral on social media I would be total ruined.

Jose Mourinho denies rift with Eden Hazard at Chelsea | Football News | Sky Sports

There is no possible way I could go out and start a new career that would earn a comparable income while providing the health and retirement benefits I have accrued. And then it might just be too late.

Rod Dreher

Everybody should watch the film The Lives Of Others for a sense of where this is heading. In India, false rumors about child kidnappers have gone viral on WhatsApp, prompting fearful mobs to kill two dozen innocent people since April. Some of the false messages on the app describe gangs of kidnappers on the prowl.

Others include videos showing people driving up and snatching children. This clip went viral [the story features the clip on the side]. It was produced as part of a public service announcement in Pakistan, but it was edited to look like a real kidnapping.

Eden Denied Eden Denied
Eden Denied Eden Denied
Eden Denied Eden Denied
Eden Denied Eden Denied
Eden Denied Eden Denied
Eden Denied Eden Denied
Eden Denied Eden Denied
Eden Denied Eden Denied
Eden Denied

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