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I do believe in fairies! Well, if you puff out the skirt to resemble a medium-sized tent and add giant bulging pockets smelling salts for Bruce? Darcey, in contrast, went for subtle brand integration with a dress made entirely of glitterballs.

Strictly speaking - Dancing Times

Darcey noticed she was nervous, but she smiled. Really, that was it. More of that! Good vote-earner: insanely adorable twins. Keep wafting them around, Nicky! Perhaps that explained her annihilating Nicky in rehearsal bare legs! Nicky wisely curled up into a standing foetal position as she and her banana-yellow loofah dress stalked him round the floor before levitating into an illegal lift. Her top tip for improving posture: get someone to follow you around, pulling down your shoulder blades. Overall: Room for improvement. Lots of room. A whole spare room. This otherwise unremarkable partnership was livened up by some good old Brit-Aussie rivalry, plus Natalie actually teaching Michael some technique.

Darcey suggested he think about using his whole body to create speed, just like throwing a ball! Oh, and breeeeeathe through the moves.

Overall: An OK start. But I fear the Latin…. Vicky Pendleton is a wise strategist. That stress is well documented in her interviews. And her book. And her past VTs. And the VTs to come. Plus that pesky Brendan is practically weeping for joy at getting his hands on her.

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Well played, Pendleton. Well played. Len likened her cha cha to riding a bike without stabilisers for the first time, but still sees potential. Get back on it, come back and blow us off the street!

Deranged conflict on bus in Vancouver

Two: err, which street? Other than the truly spectacular height difference, Colin and Kristina are a match made in double-oh-heaven. And our survey says: still cool. Craig thought there some moments we could have done without. Denise transcended the pile of transparent hankies forming her costume to ooze totally untrained elegance and grace in her waltz, giving us gorgeous lines, good spotting, decent extension and a strong emotional performance. The poor love. She tried her best.

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Can she sit down now? Ah, the lesser spotted heel lead. Rarely seen on the Strictly floor, so this is a back-handed compliment — he thinks highly enough of her to expect actual footwork. Darcey was mysteriously skipped again.

Man shoves commuter onto the train tracks before calmly walking away

Overall: Beautiful performance. Colour me shocked! Hey, you know there are more celebs tomorrow? God bless Jerry, who pulled it back from the brink of madness. At this point, my vision is at least eight per cent fringe. Oh yes, and there was some Latin. Well, mainly tricks. And Pixie Lott. And Vincent and Flavia gamely chucking in three seconds of tango. Moving on…. These are ambitions Anton can only dream of. Most important, she was not defeated by the Cuban breaks! Craig was thrilled by the arrival of actual dance talent ouch and called her incandescent.

Which was helpful. This was still in no way creepy. She traded that in for half a Disney princess dress in wedding cake layers of tulle and a scrap of Grecian goddess gown flapping over a boob tube and bare midriff which, for Ola, was pretty conservative and wisely gave Sid a relatively simple waltz that allowed him to be understated and sweetly solemn. He slid into quite a few steps, but at least a few heel leads crept in and thus they travelled more than most. Craig thought his arms were plonky, but praised his movement and storytelling.

Darcey suggested he not change direction with his shoulders, but from his core — which, amazingly, was actually good advice.

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Overall: Surprisingly pleasant. Can he sustain that in Latin? J ohnny and friends — The Top Gear crossover event. Our oldest contestant have we mentioned that at all?

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  8. As you do. And then I did. And then I averted my gaze, as a health and safety precaution. Darcey suggested putting weight on the balls of his feet in Latin. Len thought it was all a bit Last of the Summer Wine , but noted lots of people of his age would love to be able to move like that. After the industrial revolution distances between home and workplace increased.

    Horse-drawn buses were introduced in Then came the steam engine, but the first commuting trains were horrendously expensive. Sound familiar? Electric traction and the internal combustion engine made commuting affordable, and by motor buses and electric trams had replaced horse buses. Does the person next to you spend the whole journey coughing, sneezing and spreading their germs all over you?

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    The acronym tells you all you need to know about it. Tube tunnels were dug underneath streets rather than buildings. This was to avoid paying wayleave to property owners. In central London, that meant twisting and turning — thus the curvatures and gaps between train and platform.



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