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The Cathedral is often filled with ragged sand tiger sharks seasonally , schooling yellow and black striped coachmen and a few resident potato bass. Whether it be a larger cylinder, a last-minute computer repair, tweaking your regs for you, or an appointment with a DAN approved dive doctor, they will ensure that your trip and every dive is as memorable as possible. The on-site restaurant has the best pizza in town and beyond and they only use paper straws!

Blue Ocean Dive Resort is a family-run professional business with a fleet of their own boats, the very best skippers, and incredible dive masters, who know the reef like the back of their hands! To get to Umkomaas , you will need to fly into King Shaka Airport in Durban, South Africa, which is about half an hour by private car hire from Umkomaas.

Aliwal Shoal Wreck Diving

These are rechecked at no cost to you, as they are tagged to your final destination of Durban. Andrea Kozlovic is a Canadian-born underwater photographer and avid scuba diver. You can keep up to date with her dive travels, photography and conservation efforts, at www. Best Dive sites in Aliwal Shoal. Shark dives The baited shark dives here at the Aliwal Shoal are one of a kind, and something that must be done at least once during your time here. Raggies Cave. This is a special dive site for new and experienced divers alike! Raggies Cave is a long cave sitting at 18m on the outside edge of the reef where the ragged sand tiger sharks aggregate during mating season.

With something for everyone, Raggies Cave is rich in a variety of marine life, from ragged sand tiger sharks and rays to eels, nudibranchs and paper fish. This makes it a great place to spend a few extra moments collecting shark teeth in the sand. This diverse site is located on the inside edge in the middle of the reef and has two different caves. The other cave is where ragged sand tiger sharks like to congregate in groups of anywhere from individuals.

With a max depth of 12m, this is a popular site for OWD and DSDS, as well as snorkelers and free-divers with the shallowest part of the ridge at only 5m. It is often colloquially called the man-eater shark. The tiger shark is a member of the order Carcharhiniformes, the most species-rich order of sharks, with more than species also including the small catsharks and hammerhead sharks.

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Members of this order are characterized by the presence of a nictitating membrane over the eyes, two dorsal fins, an anal fin, and five gill slits. It is the largest member of the Carcharhinidae family, commonly referred to as requiem sharks. This family consists of mostly slender but powerful mid- to large-sized sharks and includes some other well-known sharks, such as the blue shark Prionace glauca , lemon shark Negaprion brevirostris , and bull shark Carcharhinus leucas.

Female tiger sharks give birth to live young. The pups remain inside of their mother for up to 16 months with 14 months being the average. They can give birth to anywhere from 10 to 80 pups at a time. They will be on their own from the second they are born. Males are ready when they are years of age.

They are a cautious shark, and frequently chumming must occur for a number of hours to attract them to a boat and divers. Although rather frightening in appearance, this species is relatively placid and docile, only likely to make an attack if cornered or provoked. Because of its somewhat scary look and its slow, passive movements, this is the ideal shark for a manmade aquarium, and can often be seen on display in such facilities all over the world. The Raggie has a stocky body and reaches a length of just over two metres, with the female being slightly larger than the male.

They weigh between 90 and kilograms when mature. The top of the body the dorsal side is a grey-bronze colour, while the underneath is a much lighter variation thereof. They also have a rather hunched appearance with a sharp, pointy nose or snout. This IUCN assessment is based on the the information published in the shark status survey Fowler et al. It has a strongly K-selected life history and produces only two large pups per litter.

As a result, annual rates of population increase are very low, greatly reducing its ability to sustain fishing pressure. Populations in several locations have been severely depleted by commercial fishing, spearfishing and protective beach meshing, requiring the introduction of specific management measures.

The Ragged tooth shark is a nocturnal animal and spends the day times hidden in caves and gutters, paying little attention to divers.

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They make little or no effort or exertion during the day, conserving their energy for their night-time hunting. Exposed ragged appearing teeth in jaw. Nares and upturned snout create a snarling appearance. Bulky mid body. First dorsal fin set far back over pelvic fins. Anal fin large — same size as pelvic fins and second dorsal. Dorsal colouration brown to greyish gold usually with scattered darker spots or blotches. Ventral colouration pale. The majority of prey items of sand tigers are demersal i.

In Argentina, the prey includes mostly demersal fishes, e. The most important elasmobranch prey is the bottom-living smooth-hound shark Mustelus sp. Benthic i. Stomach content analysis indicates that smaller sand tigers mainly focus on the sea bottom and as they grow larger they start to take more benthic prey.

Best Dive sites in Aliwal Shoal

This perspective of the diet of sand tigers is consistent with similar observations in the north west Atlantic [14] and in South Africa where large sand tigers capture a wider range of shark and skate species as prey, from the surf zone to the continental shelf, indicating the opportunistic nature of sand tiger feeding. The prey items are usually swallowed as three or four chunks.

The Ragged Tooth Shark is ovoviviparous, meaning that eggs are fertilised and hatched inside the mother and that the pups continue to live internally until they are big and strong enough to be born alive. The mother continues to produce unfertilised eggs inside her uterus so that the pups have sustenance while they are yet to be born, essentially making them cannibalistic this is a process known as oophagy. Only two pups are born one from each uterus and they each measure approximately cm at birth.

Their pressence is part of an annual reproductive migration from the eastern cape. Raggedtooth sharks are encountered only by SCUBA divers as they prefer to stay close to the reef and residing in caves and under overhangs. The dusky shark swims in tropical and temperate oceans worldwide, cruising from depths of 1, feet meters near the continental shelf all the way in to the surf zone and other shallow inshore waters. Dusky sharks are long-distance swimmers known for seasonal, temperature-driven migrations that males and females undertake in separate groups.

Local patterns vary but the sharks often head toward the Poles in summer and return to the Equator in winter on sea voyages that have been known to top 2, nautical miles. Despite their wanderlust, adult female dusky sharks are homebodies when it comes to reproduction. These animals give birth in the same continental regions where they were born.

This natal site fidelity means that dusky sharks around the globe live in distinct populations that are not replenished by wandering or migrating animals. Such local pride has a downside, however, because the isolated communities are more susceptible to localized overfishing pressures. The Dusky Shark is a large wide-ranging coastal and pelagic warm water species, which is among the slowest-growing, latest-maturing of known sharks, bearing small litters after a long gestation period.

Its very low intrinsic rate of increase renders this species among the most vulnerable of vertebrates including the great whales and sea turtles to depletion by fisheries. Unfortunately the dusky shark is difficult to manage or protect because it is taken with other more productive sharks in mixed species fisheries, and has a high mortality rate when taken as bycatch. Time series data are available from the Northwest and Western Central Atlantic, where catch rates have declined.

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  • Given the very high intrinsic vulnerability of this species to depletion, significant estimated declines in several areas of its range and inferred declines in highly fished areas from which data are not available, C. One of the largest members of its genus, the dusky shark commonly reaches a length of 3. This shark has a slender, streamlined body with a broadly rounded snout no longer than the width of the mouth.

    The medium-sized, circular eyes are equipped with nictitating membranes protective third eyelids. The mouth has very short, subtle furrows at the corners and contains typically 14 tooth rows on either side of both jaws. The upper teeth are distinctively broad, triangular, and slightly oblique with strong, coarse serrations, while the lower teeth are narrower and upright, with finer serrations. The range of the dusky shark extends worldwide, albeit discontinuously, in tropical and warm-temperate waters. This shark is coastal and pelagic in its distribution, where it occurs from the surf zone to well offshore, and from the surface to depths of m.

    Because it is poorly adapted to osmoregulate at lower salinities, it is not commonly found in estuaries.

    IUCN conservation status

    Tagging studies in the southwestern Indian Ocean. The longest distance between tagging and recapture is 2, nautical miles, and the longest period at liberty Movements normally show seasonal patterns, with adults moving into more temperate areas as temperatures rise in summer. Movements of adults are longer than those of neonates and juveniles, although juveniles of approximately a year old have been recorded moving as much as nautical miles off South Africa.

    The dusky shark is a generalist that takes a wide variety of prey from all levels of the water column, though it favors hunting near the bottom.

    Aliwal Shoal - Tiger Shark Dive!!!

    A large individual can consume over a tenth of its body weight at a single sitting.


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